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10X your Nvidia Shield Performance with these changes

10X your Nvidia Shield Performance with these changes

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There’s a ton of hidden secrets you can do on your Fire tv that you probably didn’t know about. I thought It would be useful to create a full guide of 10 of my favorite hidden secrets to help you with your streaming device. This means you will be able to access things quicker, watch without buffering and watch more content on top of that. Everything is labeled in chapters so you can jump forward at any point!

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0:00 Video starts
1:13 Upgrade your Nvidia shield to the newest version
1:52 Nvidia Shield tv internet settings to improve buffering
3:32 How to access Developers mode on Nvidia Shield tv
5:17 Location services
6:17 Power saving mode on Nvidia Shield
7:01 Storage maximization on Nvidia Shield tv
8:36 Watch this only if you have Netflix
10:24 AI Upscaling Nvidia Shield Explained
11:14 Improve Nvidia Shield tv performance and processor

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