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$117m Damages Will Suffice * TorrentFreak

dollars-sSome people believe that the early internet received a welcome uptake boost when the adult industry began to move online. Three decades later, many countries believe the internet – and children especially – would be better off if adult content was heavily restricted online.

The main problem is readily accessible ‘tube’ sites. Once hated by the adult industry because they were filled with pirated content that was never paid for, big-name tube sites like Pornhub are today owned by corporations which finance, produce, and distribute their own adult entertainment content.

As a result, these ‘legal’ tube sites now find themselves trying to rid the internet of ‘illegal’ tube sites, which prefer the original model where sites don’t pay for any content at all.

PornEZ Doing Business in the United States

On January 18, 2023, MG Premium, the adult entertainment giant behind brands including Reality Kings, Brazzers, MOFOS,, and Twistys, filed a copyright complaint…

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