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$16m Pirate IPTV Lawsuit Magically Returns $32m Thanks to Bankruptcy * TorrentFreak

iptvAdvanced TV Network (ATN) was an IPTV service in Sweden that supplied more than a thousand TV channels to customers via the Internet. In 2008, that was an unusual achievement.

ATN gave the impression of operating legally. As a registered company it was generating annual sales of around $7 million by 2013 and paid taxes to the state. However, the content ATN supplied to its customers had illegal origins.

A police raid in 2016 led to three of its operators being convicted two years later for criminal copyright infringement, among other offenses.

All three were handed prison sentences and ordered to pay $24 million in damages to rightsholders, but the service itself lived on after relocating to the United Arab Emirates. Utilizing overseas resellers, ATN continued its business in Europe and North America but ran into more trouble in 2020. An IBCAP investigation led to a DISH lawsuit that targeted the pirate IPTV service’s official distributor in the United States.

DISH Lawsuit…

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