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2.6M Piracy Reports Against French Users Resulted in 234 Financial Penalties * TorrentFreak

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In 2023, rightsholders monitoring French internet users submitted 2.6 million complaints to the authorities after determining illegal sharing of pirated content on peer-to-peer networks, including BitTorrent. For the whole of 2023, a total of 3,844 subscribers were labeled ‘grossly negligent’ after receiving a third warning while 1,526 cases were sent to the public prosecutor. A relatively small number, just 234, received a financial penalty.


French telecoms/audiovisual regulator Arcom has released its annual report covering 2023. At 199 pages, it’s a significant read; our narrow focus here will be on copyright and infringement-related matters.

‘Three Strikes’ Still Going Strong

The French graduated response system (previously dubbed ‘Three Strikes’) launched in 2009/2010 to tackle widespread piracy of copyrighted content, carried out by internet users on peer-to-peer networks, predominantly BitTorrent and eD2K networks.

The mechanism involves…

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