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20 Pirate IPTV Arrests, €1.6m Seized; Held For 7 Months, Suspects Confess * TorrentFreak

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Austrian law enforcement agencies have revealed details of a major operation against a pirate IPTV network claimed to have generated up to €11m during the last three years. Following a TV company complaint, 40 investigators arrested 20 Turkish suspects living in Austria and Germany. Authorities seized €1.6m, 60 bank accounts, and an Audi A7. After seven months in custody, the main suspects have reportedly confessed.

iptv2-sThe all-round pirate IPTV ‘product’ widely available today was relatively unknown just a decade ago. When acceptable quality, capacity, presentation, and availability collided, mainstream awareness was just a question of time.

The suggestion that broadcasters were taken by complete surprise underestimates their market awareness, but whether most expected the initial hors d’oeuvre to be immediately followed by a perpetual all-you-can eat TV banquet, seems at least somewhat improbable. The growing…

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