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3,000 Canadians Targeted in Federal Court Piracy Sweep * TorrentFreak

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The first installation of The Expendables franchise was released in 2010, followed by The Expendables 2 in 2012, and The Expendables 3 in 2014. It would be another nine years before Expend4bles shook things up with a new title format but little else had changed. Expendables movies come with a three-point guarantee: lots of explosions, a solid 6/10 aggregate score on the Internet Movie Database, and thousands of people being monitored on BitTorrent so they can be sued at a later date. Almost 3,000 now face action in Canada’s Federal Court.

expend4blesAccording to The Numbers, the most financially successful movie franchise of all time is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Generating almost $30 billion at the worldwide box office, its closest rival is Star Wars, with just $10.3 billion.

In 198th place with a still-respectable $840 million is The Expendables franchise. While not at the top of the heap here, none of the competition would have a chance of…

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