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60-Year-Old Music Pirate Faces Prison in a Country Part-Run By Pirates * TorrentFreak

piracy encryptRick Falkvinge founded the first Pirate Party on January 1, 2006, and then rallied the masses in Sweden six months later in the wake of the first police raid against The Pirate Bay.

At the European Elections of 2009, Swedish Pirates won over 7% of the vote. Christian Engström went on to become the first Pirate Member of the European Parliament, with Amelia Andersdotter taking the second seat in 2011.

When Felix Reda of the German Pirate Party was elected vice-president of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament in 2014, and was given the job of copyright reform rapporteur, that was a moment for the archives. It wouldn’t be the last.

Czech Pirates and Czech Piracy

A string of notable events in the Czech Republic, including three Pirate Party politicians taking seats in the European Parliament, culminated in 2021 when Pirates won three ministerial positions in the country’s coalition government.

Set to a background of intense Pirate politics and the movement’s roots…

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