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$8.1m Damages Agreed By YouTuber & Bungie For 96 Bogus DMCA Notices * TorrentFreak

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A gamer who impersonated an anti-piracy partner working for Bungie as part of a bogus DMCA takedown notice campaign on YouTube, agreed to a $8.1m copyright infringement judgment. Nicholas Minor, aka Lord Nazo, sent 96 fraudulent takedown notices against creators in the Destiny 2 community early 2022. An injunction targeting the defendant aims to ensure there’s no repeat of any similar behavior, anywhere in the world, ever again.

Destiny 2In March 2022, YouTube began receiving DMCA takedown notices which claimed that content referenced in the notices infringed the rights of videogame developer Bungie.

YouTube responded by removing the videos listed in the notices, some of which had been uploaded by high-profile Destiny content creators.

Some notices targeted Bungie’s own channels on YouTube, but that didn’t prevent some in the Destiny 2 community concluding that Bungie itself was to blame. That compelled Bungie to clean up the mess, defend its reputation, and…

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