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“90% of All Pirated Films are Recorded in Movie Theaters” * TorrentFreak

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In the streaming age, most films are never shown in movie theaters. Despite this fact, we recently saw the claim that “90 percent of all pirated films are illegally recorded in theaters”. This mythical statistic, which is clearly incorrect today, first appeared online roughly two decades ago when counterfeit DVDs were still in fashion.

handyhandyThere’s little doubt that many entertainment industry insiders see online piracy as an existential threat.

The film business has been hit particularly hard, with movies still the most pirated entertainment category.

Several anti-piracy forces are working hard to address the challenge. This involves concrete actions to shut down piracy sites and services, for example, while stakeholders lobby for stricter legislation and harsher enforcement.

Luckily, some progress is being made as well. For example, earlier this year the UK-based Film Content Protection Agency (FCPA) handed out 25 awards to people who helped…

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