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A BitTorrent Client WebUI Shouldn’t Be Shared With The Entire Internet * TorrentFreak

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While it’s nice to share a bottle of fine wine over a tasty meal with a loved one, some things are best unshared. Take torrent client web interfaces, for example. They can be convenient and in some cases look very nice but with no security, every download has a global audience, including new torrent transfers added by passing strangers.

pirate tvThe word ‘open’ in a connected world can be something positive. Open source, for example, or open library. On other occasions the opposite can be true; unnecessary ports left open on a router springs to mind.

For millions of people using devices that appear to configure themselves, whether something is open or closed is irrelevant. If a device immediately works as promised, oftentimes that’s good enough. The problem with some internet-connected devices is that in order to immediately work in the hands of a novice, security gives way to ease of use, and that can end in disaster.

Torrent Client…

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