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ACE Applauds ‘SVICLOUD’ Raids But IPTV Juggernaut Will Take Some Stopping * TorrentFreak

svicloud-1In a press release published on Thursday, global anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment celebrated action by Taiwanese Police after they carried out a raid against distributors of pirate set-top boxes.

“Taiwanese Police officials announced Sept. 27 in Taipei that they had completed a successful raid against the distributors of SVICLOUD ISDs, seizing more than 1,000 ISDs and equipment including mobile devices and computers. Seven suspects were arrested,” ACE reported.

ACE chief, Jan van Voorn, who also leads Global Content Protection at the MPA, offered his personal congratulations.

“The intellectual property rights of various ACE members were infringed upon by these criminals, but this recent action reinforces how valuable our partnerships are with law enforcement agencies around the world. Partnerships such as this are vital to the success of our global campaign to combat piracy and protect legal content platforms.”

Light Sabers, Goggles,…

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