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ACE Finally Seizes Pirate Streaming Domains After Years of Legal Action * TorrentFreak

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In 2013, pirate streaming site Afdah began offering a comprehensive library of infringing movies to millions of users. This attracted the attention of rightsholders and ever since there have been efforts to disrupt its activities. After reporting the site to the United States government in 2021, Afdah’s domains have now been ‘seized’ by the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment.

ace-new-smallOver the past decade, hundreds of pirate streaming sites gained traction as free alternatives to official streaming platforms such as Netflix.

In 2013, entered the already crowded market and quickly attracted millions of users tempted by a comprehensive library of copyright-infringing movies. But of course, along with a rise in Afdah’s popularity came increased interest from copyright holders determined to shut down or disrupt the site.

Afdah Was Originally Fueled By Content Stored on Google

In 2014, a German anti-piracy outfit…

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