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ACE & Georgian Govt. Shut Down Pirate Sites Already “Shut Down” Last Year * TorrentFreak

Georgia-2Georgia-2For Georgia’s 3.7 million citizens, the European mainland lies just over the Black Sea. For the determined, EU membership is also visible on the western horizon; those who look to the north see little except Russia.

The European Union’s preparations to welcome Georgia into the bloc are both meticulous and extraordinarily complicated. Several dedicated websites detail various aspects of vision and planning, yet barely manage to scratch the surface of the challenges ahead.

These include the monumental task of managing the withdrawal symptoms of a nation almost totally reliant on pirated media for their daily entertainment fix.

Pressure From Both the United States and EU

Among hundreds of other conditions and caveats spanning almost every aspect of life in Georgia, EU membership and a headline piracy rate of 90%+ complement each other like oil and water. Something will have to give and for the United States, that day can’t arrive soon enough.

In a 2019 letter sent from the…

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