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ACE Hits Hundreds of Pirate Streaming Sites By Shutting Down 2Embed * TorrentFreak

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has booked a major victory by shutting down 2Embed, a popular video piracy library. The ‘piracy as a service’ vendor provided movies and series to hundreds of streaming sites, many of which have yet to recover. Meanwhile, the anti-piracy group is working with Vietnamese authorities to target other large piracy players in the region.

2embedIn recent years, pirate streaming platforms have surpassed torrent sites and direct download portals in terms of popularity.

These portals offer the ‘on-demand’ convenience many people have grown accustomed to. For site operators, the streaming business also has its advantages.

Piracy as a Service

The streaming boom has created a new branch of pirate entrepreneurs that offer “piracy as a service”. This includes platforms that provide access to a library of pirated content, which streaming sites can subsequently use to embed movies and TV…

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