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Anti-piracy coalition ACE has several new targets in its sights, ranging from IPTV services and piracy apps, to popular streaming portals such as Anitaku, Goojara and KickassAnime. The names are revealed in several new subpoenas, requested by the Motion Picture Association. While this legal information gathering tool can be effective, it’s not perfect.

ACE logoThe Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), arguably the world’s most active anti-piracy coalition, is backed by dozens of major rightsholders.

The group is largely managed by the Motion Picture Association, which has requested many DMCA subpoenas on its behalf over the past few years.

New Subpoena Round

After the MPA’s former Chief of Global Content Protection Jan Van Voorn left for a new opportunity, ACE went quiet on the subpoena front. The legal requests were always signed by Van Voorn, so someone else had to fill this role going forward. But who?

The answer arrived late last week…

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