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ACE Targets MagisTV and Other Piracy Apps Through Cloudflare * TorrentFreak

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Anti-piracy coalition ACE continues its crackdown on pirate sites with a series of new DMCA subpoenas. The latest wave targets several apps and sites that were in the news this month. Piracy streaming service MagisTV is included, as well as, the new home of, that had its domain suspended by Namecheap recently.

dark cloudsThe Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is the world’s most active anti-piracy coalition, with tentacles all around the globe.

The group is closely affiliated with the MPA which regularly obtains DMCA subpoenas on ACE’s behalf, aiming to pick up trails that will eventually lead to the operators of popular piracy sites and services.

MPA/ACE Subpoenas Identify Piracy Targets

This week, a new series of subpoenas appeared on our radar, requesting Cloudflare and the Tonic domain registry to share all information they have on allegedly pirating customers. These subpoenas are quite common but newsworthy nonetheless,…

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