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‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Star Suggests BitTorrent as an Option to Watch the Series * TorrentFreak

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Online piracy is a major problem for the entertainment industries. In some instances, the problem is kept intact due to limited availability of content from legal sources. This week, ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ star Adam Conover mentioned BitTorrent as a viewing option for fans who no longer have access to the series after HBO removed it a few months ago.

adamIn an ideal world, there should be no reason for people to pirate. However, that world doesn’t exist.

On the contrary, in recent years, movie and TV-show piracy appears to have become more relevant.

The fragmented libraries of video streaming services, paired with their costly monthly subscriptions, play a part in this resurgence. Many people have become accustomed to ‘pirating’ content on the side when the services they pay for don’t offer everything they want.

Diverse viewing options haven’t made it easier to find movies and series, either, especially so when content is removed from platforms…

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