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Advising Pirates to Use VPNs is “Positive News” Says Piracy Blocking Chief * TorrentFreak

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Massimiliano Capitanio, head of Italian telecoms regulator AGCOM, believes the country’s all-new internet blocking system will deliver a bright future in the fight against pirate IPTV services. After receiving news that pirate operators are making VPN use mandatory for their subscribers, the response from Italy’s blocking chief was surprising. “Positive news,” Capitanio said.

piracy encryptWhen Italy passed new law on July 14, authorizing widespread internet blocking and harsher punishments for pirates who supply or even consume illegal streams, football clubs and broadcasters breathed a sigh of relief.

Strong proponents of the law believe that Italy’s ‘Piracy Shield‘ blocking system will be a game changer when it arrives. Some appear completely convinced that almost no illegal content will be able to get through.

Others have heaped praise on the introduction of fines up to €5,000 for people who simply buy and/or consume pirate IPTV…

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