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After ACE Shuts Down Streamzz, Pirates Demand Refunds But Get Zebras Instead * TorrentFreak

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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has shut down Streamzz, a stream hosting service that reportedly offered 75,000 movies and 15,000 TV episodes for display on more than 60 pirate sites. Reports suggest that those owed money aren’t getting paid. Having their Hollywood and in some cases adult movies swapped out for random wildlife videos hasn’t made things any better.

ace-aimAs part of its relentless campaign to shut down as many pirate sites as possible, on Wednesday the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment reported yet another big win.

The anti-piracy coalition’s latest victim is Streamzz, a stream hosting platform that reportedly supplied over 75,000 movies and 15,000 TV episodes, which helped to fuel more than 60 pirate streaming sites.

ACE says that a third of the site’s seven million monthly visits can be attributed to users in Germany, where Streamzz itself was based. Germany is also the home of ACE member…

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