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AGCOM Fines ISP Assoc. For ‘Obstructing Supervisory Activities’ * TorrentFreak

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ASSOProvider is an association representing the interests of more than 200 small to medium-sized companies in the Italian internet and telecoms sector. It is also a vocal opponent of the ‘Piracy Shield’ blocking system and the law that supports it. Following the well-publicized blocking of Cloudflare, ASSOProvider filed an official information request to obtain data relating to the program thus far. In lieu of a suitable response, AGCOM has now fined ASSOProvider for failing to provide information that just recently it informed a court it already holds.

From the moment Italian authorities announced they would build the most ambitious anti-piracy blocking system ever seen, it was clear that only controversy lay ahead. All that remained to be seen was when, at what scale, and how any chaos would be managed.

Predictably, overblocking was an immediate problem, with blunders against Zenlayer and Cloudflare sounding alarm bells early on….

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