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AGCOM Runs Massive Piracy Blocking Operation But Has ‘Trouble’ Configuring Its Domain Name? * TorrentFreak

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Italian telco watchdog AGCOM has taken on the task of rolling out one of the largest piracy-blocking schemes the Internet has ever witnessed. The organization fiercely defends its IP-address blocking efforts and has full confidence in its technical expertise. Curiously, however, AGCOM’s domain name is only partly functioning, as it explicitly requires a www subdomain.

bananaIn recent months, we have reported on the rollout of Italy’s blocking regime and the Piracy Shield system which operates under the auspices of telecoms regulator AGCOM.

AGCOM issues the relevant site IP address blocking orders and, from the get-go, it countered critics by stating that the system was “working perfectly”.

High marks aside, Internet providers and network specialists painted a different picture. They noticed several overblocking examples and not just small ones either. In response to one order, ISPs were required to block an IP address belonging to Internet…

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