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AnimixReplay Shuts Down After ACE Comes Knocking * TorrentFreak

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To some people, the Internet is a digital playground where copyright infringement isn’t taken all that seriously. However, when several of the world’s largest entertainment companies come knocking, reality can quickly sink in. It’s something AnimixReplay learned this week, although initially, there were some doubts.

animixLate last year, popular anime site AmimixPlay closed its doors, citing technical and motivational issues.

The decision was a massive disappointment to its loyal user base, which was good for an estimated 100 million monthly visits.

Following the site’s demise, several copycats popped up. A group of fans also created a new project to honor the original in a more respectful matter, while giving former users a new home; AnimixReplay.

This scenario has worked for other pirate sites and services in the past but it’s certainly not without risk. Visiting a pirate streaming site as a casual user is an entirely different ball game to running one,…

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