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Anti-Piracy Company Asks Court to Keep Filings Secret as TorrentFreak Might Report On Them * TorrentFreak

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Anti-piracy company MarkMonitor is a trusted partner of the major record labels. Among other things, the company provided evidence and testimony for the ongoing piracy lawsuit against Internet provider Bright House. This week, MarkMonitor asked the court to keep this information confidential, fearing that TorrentFreak will share it with the broader public, which could include pirates.

markmonitorAt TorrentFreak we do our best to keep readers updated on the latest copyright and piracy news, highlighting issues from different points of view.

We report on the opinions and efforts of copyright holders when it comes to online piracy and have active dialogues with anti-piracy outfits. At the same time, we also make room for those who oppose them. That’s how balanced reporting works in our view.

There is probably no site on the Internet that reports on the negative consequences of piracy as much as we do and but for some reason, the term “pro-piracy” is…

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