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Anti-Piracy DNS Poisoning Blacks Out Media Group, ISP Refuses to Comment * TorrentFreak

website not availableIn a world where clear and independent reporting struggles to get heard in a sea of sensationalized clickbait, the German Heise group is generally recognized as a reliable and accurate news source.

For several days last week, an unknown number of visitors to were denied access to the company’s reporting. Instead, they found themselves redirected to Germany’s anti-piracy website blocking portal and statements that had no basis in fact.

Silently Blocked For Several Days

A Heise analysis, published Tuesday, reveals that the publication first learned of issues affecting access to its website last Friday, March 17. More messages from readers were received on Monday, and all reported the same thing. When attempting to access, web browsers responded with a certificate error and an explanation.

A bright orange splash page informed Heise readers that due to copyright infringement, Heise had been rendered inaccessible. The message usually confronts internet users who…

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