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Anti-Piracy Group Calls for More AI Training Transparency * TorrentFreak

old computerHistory has shown that copyright holders tend to be wary of new technologies that disrupt the status quo.

From the printing press, through cassette tapes, to online video streaming services, all were seen as major threats to the revenues of copyright holders at some point.

These weren’t just overblown fears, since technologies can be used for both good and bad. Pirate streaming services are still a problem today, for example, but the same can’t be said for Netflix and Spotify.

Over the past year, artificial intelligence has propelled itself to become a top concern for copyright holders. While this evolving technology can be a boon to rightsholders, the current focus is to prevent AI from exploiting, cannibalizing, or infringing copyrighted content.

The issue has already made its way to the courts in several instances and a few weeks ago we reported that anti-piracy groups are also getting involved. Last month, the Danish Rights Alliance was the first group to claim a major…

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