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Anti-Piracy Group Signals Opportunities to Tackle Online Piracy Apps * TorrentFreak

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A recent publication by the Audiovisual Anti-Piracy Alliance signals app piracy as a growing problem that has room for improvement. Rightsholders could collaborate more intensely with app stores, for example. Meanwhile, app platforms could implement know-your-customer verification, while deploying automated tools to scan for and filter apps that use known pirate keywords.

appOver the past decade, mobile applications have become the standard platform for most people to consume content online.

Whether it’s for shopping, news, or entertainment, there is an app available for any type of content.

This shift in consumption patterns is not limited to legal content; movie and TV piracy has gone mobile as well. In some cases, these pirate streaming apps can be found in official app stores, reaching an audience of millions of users.

The App Piracy Problem

Copyright holders are not happy with these ‘unauthorized’ apps, which are big business. In a recent

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