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Anti-Piracy Veteran Tim Kuik Retires After Leading BREIN for a Quarter Century * TorrentFreak

kuik anakataIn the summer of 2009, hackers from all over the world gathered at an outdoor conference near Vierhouten in the Netherlands.

The event was mostly a meetup of like-minded geeks, but one person stood out a mile; Tim Kuik, director of anti-piracy group BREIN.

Kuik joined a panel discussion where he calmly explained why his organization helped rightsholders to shut down pirate sites. The group was winning its lawsuit against Mininova at the time and had just booked a victory against the founders of The Pirate Bay just a few weeks earlier.

As the panel was opening up for questions, a stereotypical neck-beard sporting hacker stepped forward, questioning Kuik on comments he made about The Pirate Bay’s revenues. It was none other than Pirate Bay founder Anakata, easily identifiable thanks to his Pirate Bay t-shirt.

The two opposites engaged in a brief tete-a-tete of which the contents are irrelevant at this point. However, Kuik’s presence there, on that day, is exemplary of his…

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