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Appeals Court Hears RIAA and Yout in ‘High Stakes’ Stream-ripper Case * TorrentFreak

Sad YouTubeSad YouTubeAt the end of 2020, the operator of one of the largest YouTube rippers took the unprecedented step of taking the music industry to court.’s Johnathan Nader had grown tired of the bombardment of DMCA takedown requests and allegedly defamatory claims. In response, he sued the RIAA, asking the federal court in Connecticut to declare his service non-infringing.

The RIAA and others were asking Google to remove so-called YouTube-rippers from search results. The music industry group believes that these sites should not be allowed to operate and filed a motion to dismiss Yout’s lawsuit.

RIAA Wins, Yout Appeals

At the end of 2022, the district court handed a win to the RIAA and dismissed the matter at an early stage. Judge Stefan Underhill concluded that Yout had failed to show that it doesn’t circumvent YouTube’s technological protection measures. As such, it could be breaking the law. That wasn’t the end though.

Yout operator Johnathan Nader opted to appeal at the…

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