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Are Pirate Streaming Apps Dangerous? Using Free Tools is One Way to Find Out * TorrentFreak

malwareGiven the scale of the problem and the underlying feeling that anti-piracy campaigns rarely have much of a long term impact, a change of tactics every few years is to be expected.

After demonizing file-sharers for much of the 2000s, more focus was placed on pirate sites and the people behind them. In parallel, pirates were asked to consider the effect of their habits on creators, not the very big ones, but those struggling through life trying to make ends meet, just like them.

There was nothing fundamentally wrong with that message but since Hollywood and most of the music industry thrive on images of extraordinary wealth and power, the message often found itself muffled under red carpets, dazzling awards shows, and other big displays of huge money, also not being shared with the little guys. It was time for another change in tactics.

Think About The Guy in the Mirror

The theme of the last five years has three key components: criminality, malware, and the welfare of pirates. Now…

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