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High school students are educated on a wide variety of topics, helping them to understand and become productive members of society. In Denmark, a new course was recently announced by local anti-piracy group Rights Alliance and publisher Gyldendal. With support from the government, the new curriculum educates young Danes on copyright and piracy.

BartToday’s youth is growing up in an era where all knowledge and information is literally at their fingertips.

The internet is a great source of knowledge, entertainment, and a key tool for social interactions. However, it also comes with many darker sides, although kids won’t always recognize the dangers.

In Denmark, local anti-piracy group Rights Alliance has repeatedly warned that today’s youth should be properly educated when it comes to copyright and piracy. A few weeks ago, the group launched a dedicated piracy panel for teens, hoping to learn more about their bad online habits.

By understanding the…

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