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Aussies’ Reactions to Pirate Site-Blocking in 2023 * TorrentFreak

RipperAs reported yesterday, the Australian government has just released the 2023 edition of its Consumer Survey on Online Copyright Infringement.

The survey found that 41% of respondents consumed at least one item of pirated content (TV, movies, music, games, or live sports) from an illegal source in 2023, up from the 39% reported in the previous year.

When compared to how many citizens resorted to pirate sources in 2015, the figures for 2023 show improvement almost right across the board. That’s to be expected when considering how desperate many Australians were for new content until Netflix finally launched in March 2015.

Australians’ Use of VPNs

Such were the content-related frustrations before Netflix’s official launch, many citizens had already become familiar with VPNs and custom DNS settings because that allowed them to subscribe to the platform in other regions.

Today, those same tools work in exactly the same way and according to the government’s latest survey,…

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