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Authors Accuse OpenAI of Using Pirate Sites to Train ChatGPT * TorrentFreak

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Generative AI is a revolutionary technology that’s expected to change society as we know it but, in parallel, it raises many copyright infringement concerns. This week, book authors Paul Tremblay and Mona Awad filed a lawsuit against OpenAI, accusing the company of using pirated books to train its ChatGPT models.

openaiGenerative AI models such as ChatGPT have captured the imagination of millions of people, offering a glimpse of what an AI-assisted future might look like.

The new technology also brings up novel copyright questions. Several rightsholders are worried that their work is being used to train AI without any form of compensation, for example.

How these and other copyright questions will be dealt with is not entirely clear. Governments around the world are taking different approaches, with U.S. Congress recently stating that it doesn’t plan to overreact. Meanwhile, rightsholders don’t intend to stand idly by.

Authors Sue OpenAI for Copyright…

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