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Bad Pirate IPTV User! Mandatory PSA Targets Uninformed “Common Man” * TorrentFreak

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In addition to preventing pirate IPTV services from being watched anywhere in the country, a new Italian law requires authorities to run educational anti-piracy awareness campaigns. Released this week, the first PSA uses a famous Italian footballer to inform the “common man” that piracy has consequences. As things stand, he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing.

common smallWhen Italy’s pirate IPTV blocking system eventually gets off the ground, it’s possible that up to hundreds of thousands of TVs, computers, mobile phones, and tablets will at some point return a blank screen; a disappointing alternative to the pirated football streams usually on display.

Given the scale of the media coverage over the last couple of years, that’s unlikely to surprise many of the 25% of Italians addicted to piracy-configured devices, known locally as ‘pezzotto’. As pirates begin to adapt, normality will return for some or even many users, but the determination of…

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