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Best Wireless Car Charger 2021 ๐Ÿ”ฅ ACEFAST D1 Fast Wireless Charger Car Mount Holder Review

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Automatically align the phone for efficient charging
The ACEFAST car wireless charger has the exclusive technology to automatically adjust and align the charging position of the mobile phone, making wireless charging more efficient and energy-saving.

Quickly put in or take out the phone
The mobile phone holder can be opened or tightened with one touch to make it easier for placing or taking out the mobile phone, making driving safer.

With Foreign Obeject Detector, safer wireless charging
The Foreign Obeject Detector can detect whether there is metal between the mobile phone and the wireless charger. If metal is detected, it will automatically stop charging to prevent overheating.

Three ways to install and use
The ACEFAST car wireless charger can be installed on the dashboard, windshield or air vents of the car. Car owner can flexibly choose where to install the wireless charger according to car conditions and preferences.

The angle and length of the bracket can be flexibly adjusted
The angle of the stand and the mobile phone clip can be adjusted freely, and the stand can be extended and contracted to easily meet various usage needs.

Strong adsorption base, phone holder built-in protection pad for mobile phone
The large suction cup has a strong adsorption force and can be firmly attached to the dashboard or windshield of the car. The phone holder is equipped with a protective pad, which can not only hold the phone firmly, but also ensure that the phone will not be scratched.

Package includes:
1*Stand with suction cup base
1* Large base pad
1* Air vent clip
1* Wireless charger with phone holder
1* USB-C charging cable
1*Quick start guide

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