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Best Wireless Microphone for YouTube Vlogging, TikTok/Instagram Reels, Live | SYNCO P1T & P1L Review

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✅ Overview:

00:00 Introduction.
00:33 What’s in the box.
01:10 Microphone Wireless for Mobile Phones.
01:24 One-to-one 2.4G System.
01:51 Two Colors.
02:09 Wireless Charging Case.
02:25 One Tap. Auto Setup.
02:39 5 Hours One Charge, 15 Hours The Case.
03:21 Signal Level Test
02:57 Transmission Through Walls.
04:26 MEMS Technology.
04:42 Active Noise Cancellation.
05:01 In Ear Monitor.
05:15 Nine Sound Effects.
05:39 Monster Halo Light Effect.
06:02 Where to Buy.

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✅ About this item:

【With Quick-Charging Case, Long-time Powerful】
Contact fast charging will get you 45mins using time only through 10mins charging. SYNCO P1 Wireless iPhone Lavalier Microphone series delivers 5 hours of recording time on a single charge and the charging case holds two charges, worry-free for long-day outdoor shooting.

【Contact Pairing , Plug and Play】
The charging drawer of the SYNCO P1 wireless lavalier iPhone microphone with contact pairing makes pairing easier and rapider. Just pull the drawer out, press one button for 3 seconds, plug the RX into your TYPE-C / Lightning device and start hassle-free, cable-free recording for your streaming.

【Obstacle-Free and High-Fidelity Transmission】
Following Syncoder 3.0 and intelligent DSP chip, SYNCO P1 2.4Ghz wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone iPad Lightning devices keeps you in stable and clear sound from 492ft/150m(LOS area), filters out low-frequency noise and reproduces faithful and clean voices.

【Real-time Monitoring & Cool Light Indicators】
Through Type-C/Lightning port on the RX, you could in-ear real-time monitor current recording (Type-C/Lightning to 3.5mm adapter included) OR simultaneously charge your phone. TX, RX and charging case are decorated with a dynamic light strip for displaying the situations of battery, charging, vocal effect and pairing.

【Nine Magical Vocal Effects】
Firstly integrated microphone and voice changer, SYNCO P1 wireless lavalier iPhone microphone activates 9 creative effects by a single button on the receiver including Original, Studio TX, KTV FX, Voice Amplification, EDM, Baby FX, Male to Female, Female to Male and Monster FX. Create more fun for your video and live streaming.

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