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BeStreamWise ‘Piracy=Malware’ Campaign Site Blocked By Security Vendors * TorrentFreak

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The BeStreamWise anti-piracy campaign run by Sky, Premier League, FACT, ITV, CrimeStoppers, and the UK Intellectual Property Office, aims to deter piracy by linking illegal streaming services with criminality and malware. In an ironic twist, multiple security vendors are flagging the campaign’s website for suspected suspicious activity. On closer inspection, this unusual and unlikely situation may pre-date the campaign’s official launch.

malware-s1malware-s1The launch of the BeStreamWise online anti-piracy campaign early October was preceded by action in the ‘real’ world.

After being offered free lifetime subscriptions to a new streaming service from a pop-up stand in London’s Paddington Station, commuters were encouraged to sign up to ‘MalStreams’ using their real personal details.

Shortly after, a ‘scam’ was revealed; MalStreams didn’t exist but participants had been given a valuable lesson in security. Handing over personal and credit…

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