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BitTorrent is No Longer the ‘King’ of Upstream Internet Traffic * TorrentFreak

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BitTorrent is no longer the ‘King’ of upstream traffic. New data published by Canadian broadband management company Sandvine reveals that cloud storage, YouTube, and other apps have taken over. This marks the end of a period of declining dominance that started two decades ago when BitTorrent reportedly accounted for a third of all web traffic.

upload keyIn the past two decades, Internet traffic has exploded with more bytes being transferred in each successive year.

While this stable trend continues, the types of traffic that pass through the pipes have changed radically.

Back in 2004, in the pre-Web 2.0 era, research indicated that BitTorrent was responsible for an impressive 35% of all Internet traffic. At the time, file-sharing via peer-to-peer networks was the main traffic driver as no other services consumed large amounts of bandwidth.

Video Streaming Killed the Torrent Star

Fast-forward two decades and these statistics are ancient history….

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