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BitTorrent is Still the King of Upstream Internet Traffic, But for How Long? * TorrentFreak

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The latest Internet traffic report from bandwidth management company Sandvine shows that BitTorrent still accounts for the largest share of global upstream Internet traffic. There are quite a few regional differences though. At the same time, BitTorrent’s leading position is threatened by Google and regular HTTP traffic.

upload keyMany Internet traffic reports have been published over the years, documenting how traffic patterns change over time.

One of the trends that emerged in recent years, is that BitTorrent’s share of total Internet traffic decreased.

With the growth of services such as YouTube, Netflix, and TikTok, streaming has consumed massive amounts of bandwidth. As a result, BitTorrent lost a significant chunk of its ‘market share’.

BitTorrent Comeback?

This trend gradually increased until a few years ago, when the Canadian broadband management company Sandvine signaled a BitTorrent revival. In some parts of the world, file-sharing traffic…

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