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BitTorrent Tracker Blocks Thousands of ‘Infringing’ Hashes * TorrentFreak

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OpenTrackr is a content-neutral torrent tracker that facilitates millions of BitTorrent transfers. The service doesn’t store any files and is not privy to what people share. However, when asked to, it will block ‘infringing’ hashes that may lead people to pirated files. To prevent abuse, several thousand hashes were banned over the past year.

hasheshashesEvery day, millions of people from all around the world use BitTorrent to download and share files.

Most of these transfers are facilitated by third-party torrent trackers, which help file-sharers connect to each other.

When someone asks for information referenced by a specific torrent hash, the tracker will respond with a list of peers, if available. This is a pretty straightforward but resource-intensive process.

While there are serverless technologies such as DHT and PEX, trackers remain a central part of most people’s torrent transfers. Despite this rather crucial role, the top trackers are…

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