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Brazil Regulator Claims “80% of Pirate TV Boxes” Were Blocked Last Week * TorrentFreak

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Brazil’s telecoms regulator Anatel claims that during an operation last week, it successfully blocked around 80% of pirate ‘TV boxes’ in the country. Estimates from early 2023 suggest that seven million were active in Brazil. The operation, claimed to be the most significant ever carried out, arrives just weeks after Google & Cisco were criticized for “turning a blind eye” to the IPTV piracy problem.

blocked-tvsetblocked-tvsetAuthorities and rightsholders in Brazil appear determined to disrupt, restrict, or completely deny access to the illegal TV market enjoyed by millions of local citizens.

From taking on pirate IPTV services to the outlawing of non-certified set-top boxes, to blocking illegal streaming websites and the removal of pirate apps, no target is off limits. One of the agencies at the forefront of this anti-piracy activity is the National Telecommunications Agency, better known as Anatel.

Earlier his year, Anatel and Brazil’s National Film Agency…

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