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BREIN Takes Down Virtual Pirate Streaming Worlds on VRChat * TorrentFreak

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With technology developing at a rapid pace, virtual reality is expected to be a growth market for entertainment, including films. While it’s a relatively small market today, pirates are already venturing into these new worlds, with anti-piracy organizations following closely behind.

quest3quest3Two decades ago, it was not uncommon for pirates to wait several days for a film or TV show to finish downloading.

Times have changed. These days pirates can put on their VR headsets, join a virtual streaming world, and instantly stream their favorite new releases, all without paying.

VR pirates currently operate in a relatively tight niche. The trend is expected to grow in the years to come but as pirates experiment with this new technology, anti-piracy groups are paying close attention too.

VRChat Takedowns

Virtual world platform VRChat was recently made acutely aware of this brewing clash. The company, which facilitates online spaces for games, online…

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