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BREIN Wraps Up IPTV Piracy Battle by Seizing .EU Domain Names * TorrentFreak

breinThe Internet is littered with shady IPTV services that offer a lot, for very little money.

These deals often seem too good to be true and in most cases they are; at least for those who prefer to stay on the right side of the law.

Chasing IPTV Pirates

Anti-piracy groups around the world are actively trying to shut down these illicit operations. In Europe, Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is at the forefront of the battle.

In 2017, BREIN booked a prominent victory at the European Court of Justice, which ruled that it’s illegal to sell devices that are pre-configured to access copyright-infringing content. The “Filmspeler” decision was the death knell for sellers of pirate streaming boxes.

Paired with the earlier GS Media ruling, which held that companies with a for-profit motive can’t knowingly link to copyright-infringing material, rightsholders could rely on a powerful enforcement tool.


With these high-profile court rulings in hand, BREIN went after…

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