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Brit Arrested in Benidorm After Social Media Ads Raised Suspicion * TorrentFreak

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A 62-year-old man from the UK has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of receiving over 5,500 payments for pirate IPTV subscriptions totaling £185,000. Police launched an investigation after a broadcaster filed a complaint against social media accounts offering illicit packages containing exclusive sports content.

policia-nacionalAccording to data published by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, UK residents made 15.6 million visits to Spain in 2022, with holidays the most popular reason.

Whether Brits are on a two-week vacation or embedded within the ex-pat community, there’s a tendency to appreciate things less available at home, sunshine in particular.

For many, however, a longing for British things has created opportunities for those prepared to meet the demand. By offering BBC and ITV channels, for example, pirate IPTV services have become very popular indeed but since the packages offer much more, they’re almost a must for…

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