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Bungie Wins $16.2m, Destiny 2 Cheat Dev Violated DMCA, RICO, CFAA * TorrentFreak

Destiny 2Bungie’s relentless pursuit of cheat developers, sellers, and resellers was probably crafted to send a deterrent message.

After another judgment and multi-million dollar damages award was handed down this week, any cheat developers still operating may consider other companies’ games less of a risk. For those still unconvinced, a judgment handed down Tuesday may be persuasive.

The Domino Effect

Bungie filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against defendants allegedly involved in the development and supply of Destiny 2 cheat ‘Wallhax’ back in August 2021.

In June 2022, Bungie was awarded $13.5m in copyright infringement damages against Elite Boss Tech, Inc., 11020781 Canada Inc., and owner Robert James Duthie Nelson. The defendants admitted that Wallhax injected new code into Bungie’s code, thereby creating an unlicensed derivative work. They also conceded that Wallhax circumvented Bungie’s technological measures in breach of the DMCA.

With an apparently compliant…

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