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Bungie Wins Powerful Disclosure Order to Identify Anonymous Cheat Makers * TorrentFreak

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In a lawsuit filed early August targeting cheat operation Ring-1, Bungie warned that the “wholesale assault” on Destiny 2 would have consequences for those involved. With up to 50 Ring-1 developers, marketers, and customer support staff in Bungie’s crosshairs, some have already been identified. An order handed down by a Washington court this week, one of the broadest ever seen in a case of this type, requires dozens of major platforms to help identify the remainder.

Destiny 2Destiny 2Bungie’s interest in individuals linked to Destiny 2 cheat maker and distributor, Ring-1, became public in 2021.

A lawsuit filed at a California court named four defendants as suspected operators with an additional 50 ‘Doe’ defendants to be unmasked as the case progressed.

Six causes of action including copyright infringement, trafficking in circumvention devices contrary to the DMCA, trademark violations, and unfair competition, encouraged three defendants to settle…

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