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Bungie’s Vow to Relentlessly Pursue ‘Anonymous’ Cheaters Was No Bluff * TorrentFreak

Destiny 2When attempting to tackle large-scale infringers of any kind, there’s no single approach that can stop the most determined.

Introducing new technical measures may have some effect, while a strategic lawsuit alongside measured, public messaging are usually more effective when combined rather than delivered in isolation.

Yet there are other considerations too; warnings that are heard too often lose their impact, threats that in time become parodies of themselves are ultimately received as such.

When Bungie filed yet another lawsuit against alleged developers, marketers, support staff, and sellers of Destiny 2 cheating software last August, the complaint’s introduction contained a two-line statement. Even at the time it sounded more like a promise than a threat; 10 months later Bungie’s actions are speaking just as loud as its words.


Ramping Up The Pressure

Filed August 1, 2023, at a Washington court, Bungie’s complaint targets alleged members of the cheat…

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