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‘Canada is a Video Piracy Hotspot While Brazil Sees Piracy in Decline’ * TorrentFreak

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A recent report estimated that there were over 141 billion visits to pirate sites in 2023. This number is large, but rather meaningless without proper context. Today, we take a look at how piracy trends are evolving in different countries. Canada emerges as a piracy hotspot, while Brazil shows a decline in piracy rates. Meanwhile, there are plenty of piracy growth regions too.

canada flagcanada flagLast week, new data published by piracy tracking firm MUSO and consulting firm Kearney showed that video piracy is growing globally.

With over 141 billion annual visits worldwide, there’s a massive audience outside of legal channels.

The full report was yet to be made available at the time of our initial report. While that doesn’t change any of the overall conclusions, there are some extra details worth highlighting.

Classifying Countries by Piracy Volume and Growth

The full report includes a rather insightful graph that ranks countries based on the number of visits to…

You can read the full Torrent Freak article here

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