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Canada’s Supreme Court Denies TekSavvy’s Site Blocking Appeal * TorrentFreak

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The first pirate site blocking order in Canada remains in place. Internet provider TekSavvy petitioned the Supreme Court to hear the case but this request was denied. Copyright holders are pleased with the outcome, but Teksavvy fears that it will open the floodgates to more site blocking requests.

canada flagIn 2018, Canada’s Federal Court approved the country’s first pirate site-blocking order.

Following a complaint from major media companies Rogers, Bell and TVA, the Court ordered several major ISPs to block access to the domains and IP-addresses of pirate IPTV service GoldTV.

Site Blocking Appeals

There was little opposition from Internet providers, except for TekSavvy, which quickly announced an appeal. According to the ISP, the blocking injunction threatens the open Internet, just to advance the interests of a few powerful media conglomerates.

Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal disagreed and last year it concluded that the blocking order…

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