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CANAL+ Sends Preemptive Takedown Notice to Pirate Sites Ahead of TV-Show Premiere * TorrentFreak

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Copyright holders commonly ask pirate sites to remove infringing content. That typically happens after it appears online but the Polish branch of media giant CANAL+ is trying to get ahead of the curve. The company is asking sites to prevent the illegal distribution of an upcoming TV show, or face legal consequences.

canal+ logoIt’s commonly known that copyright holders regularly send takedown notices to pirate sites, asking the operators to remove pirated content.

These notices are typically sent after pirated content appears online. However, the Polish branch of media giant CANAL+ is being a bit more proactive and is asking sites to prevent copies of a yet-to-be-released TV-show from being shared.

The operator of a large pirate site, who prefers not to be named, shared a copy of the preemptive warning that was received from the CANAL+ Anti-Piracy Department. In the notice, that was also sent to several other sites, the media giant alerts the operators to…

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