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CD Projekt’s Legal Pressure Pushes GOG-Games to The Dark Web * TorrentFreak

Home > Piracy > switched to the dark web this week. The videogame piracy site took this drastic action following legal pressure from game company CD Projekt, known for The Witcher series. The Polish company also owns the game distribution service GOG, which explains why GOG-Games is considered a prime enforcement target.

gog logoAs the creator of The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077, game developer CD Projekt won the hearts of millions of gamers.

The Polish company also scored points when it spoke out against DRM on numerous occasions, including the ‘FCKDRM’ campaign promoted by its game distribution service GOG.

The anti-DRM stance is laudable but also has its drawbacks. Most notably, it becomes much easier for pirates to copy and share games. And indeed, new GOG games were swiftly shared online, including on a site that even copied its name:

CD Project likely anticipated that their games would be pirated, but seeing a site use its own brand…

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